Revolution I Love You at Ortlieb’s

(Was having computer problems when I started this a couple of days ago so it never saved) Rob Lindgren, energetic frontman and lead singer, Jeff Ormsby, drummer and Jason Reynolds, Guitarist/ Keyboard player make up Revolution I Love You, an electronic Rock group from Philadelphia, PA. Above are the slightly blurry pictures I got from their show at […]

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Unlikely Art

It has always saddened me when as soon as a public school needs money, the first thing cut back on are arts programs. All kinds of arts including learning music is so important and under-appreciated in a child’s education! So much creativity can be stifled when the opportunity to release pent-up energy and the ability to […]

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Tangerine Dream with “Stranger Things” Intro remake While composing the excellent soundtrack to Netflix’s original sci-fi series Stranger Things, Survive’s Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein often turned to the German electronic group Tangerine Dream as a source of inspiration. The duo has now received the highest compliment they could have asked for, as Tangerine Dream have shared two covers from the Stranger… […]

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