Unlikely Art

Instrument display.jpg

It has always saddened me when as soon as a public school needs money, the first thing cut back on are arts programs. All kinds of arts including learning music is so important and under-appreciated in a child’s education! So much creativity can be stifled when the opportunity to release pent-up energy and the ability to create is taken away by lack of funds.

  • Tyler School of Art at Temple had an alumni and student Art Market on Friday and one of the displays stuck out to me. It was a room with the walls lined with collected donations of broken instruments. They were clarinets, flutes, drums, stringed instruments and brass ones  donated from Philadelphia public schools and on display for the Art market at Tyler “Art market at Tyler is a non-profit art and craft fair designed to support the regional arts community by providing artists, artist collectives and businesses who serve artists a venue for sale of work, self promotion and networking across all media, fields and age groups.” I overheard one of the girls in charge that the instruments will be played (flaws an all) and recorded and then will be combined into a composition.

Not sure what the story was with the chairs.

Great music can only be made if the supplies are provided, a foundation can be provided at a young age through school Concert bands/ Orchestras /Jazz /Marching bands. These types of bands played a big part in my appreciation of music came from.


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