Revolution I Love You at Ortlieb’s

(Was having computer problems when I started this a couple of days ago so it never saved) Rob Lindgren, energetic frontman and lead singer, Jeff Ormsby, drummer and Jason Reynolds, Guitarist/ Keyboard player make up Revolution I Love You, an electronic Rock group from Philadelphia, PA. Above are the slightly blurry pictures I got from their show at Ortlieb’s on September 23rd.

Goodnight Lights and Spring Onion (also Philadelphia-area bands) opened for them and the show was as good as I thought it’d be. Spring Onion recorded their latest album in both Philadelphia and NYC. Their song “Please Relax” from their DIY album is as unwinding as the title demands and Catherine Dwyer’s (lead-singer) voice was the calm before the storm. And then “fractured pop specialists”(Philadelphia Inquirer) Goodnight Lights had a voice that could be described as gravely chill-rock. Be sure to follow the link to read more about this awesome live band by following the above link. Ortlieb’s makes up for their small and hot venue with delicious burgers, burritos and beer. It would’ve been a much better show with some ventilation or a fan but a little sweat never stopped the rock. The entertainment and the crowd danced on.

Link to part of the show from my Facebook <Broke out in dance when this came on from their We Chose to Go To The Moon album.

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