Minka beckoned Philly to Deviant Diskotek: MINKA Masquerade

It was the second Deviant Diskotek last minka-beckonsnight @TheBarbary and as usual @weareminka put on an amazing show.
They put on an night was Masquerade themed & Ari danced, jumped around stage, as he always does, & belted out lyrics from regulars like “Kids these days” and 2 or 3 from a new album!                                            (stay tuned for updates on that) 

(Above is a 12 second sample from Minka’s set, “Kids These Days”)

There were 2 sets from MINKA and New York’s Leisure Muffin started the night out hyping people up while he spun funky jams. As I walked in, the drummer Max handed me and anybody else who arrived unprepared a free mask! 


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