Rooftop concerts at WholeFoods?!

So I just learned that the Whole Foods Market at the Plymouth Meeting Mall is doing a series of events this September to support The Whole Kids Foundation, which is dedicated to helping kids eat better. This is a great cause, because you and I both know how much kids love junk food. I mean I occasionally do too, but that’s besides the point.

And on September 15th (Tomorrow) a funky Philly band I’ve been following, Somethin’ Divine will be part of the set! You Do You, SlowVoice, Judah Kim & The Assassination, John Faye, Erica Corbo, and Jamie & The Guarded Heart will be joining them.

If you’re love awesome people like Dan Polachek, Andy Manuel and Caldwell John, powerful vocals and great musical accompaniment, then you will be there! Oh there will also be Craft Beer and a TACO TRUCK!o.jpg

Check out Somethin’ Divine’s music from their December, 2016 demo HERE 

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Graduated from Temple University in May, 2016, now job searching while simultaneously going to shows and writing about the best of them. Follow and spread the word!!

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