Goal Met! Update

War Twins, formerly “Little War Twins” are an amazing duo from Boston, Massachusetts who’s lived and performed in Philadelphia, for the past couple of years I’ve seen them rock harder then any other band I’ve ever experienced.

This is usually no easy task for a band of two, but it seems to come naturally for singer singer/songwriter Gaetana Brown and drummer/producer James Grey.

Their dynamic live set is full of passionate energy, rock n’ roll soul and deep electronics. A growing buzz about has taken them from their hometowns of Philly and Boston to a string of successful nationwide tours (Since 2013 they’ve done over 450 shows across the US).
For a true experience of the band’s obvious talent and energy you MUST see them  live, but for now here are some videos.

Watch The Skies

Hidden Dark (Live @ Hard Rock Cafe Boston)

Mother Pulls

As this amazing band evolves, so must their music! WarTwins

THEIR KICKSTART FUNDRAISER WAS A SUCCESS!! They are currently speaking with  producer, engineer, mixer and author Sylvia Massy (Prince, Tool, Johnny Cash, System of a Down) to schedule a recording session in LA.






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