The War on Drugs and “A Deeper Understanding”

The obsessive studio work of Adam Granduciel creates a hermetic experience like no other. A Deeper Understanding is his most layered and meticulous album, a twilight world in which to lose yourself.      -Mark Richardson, Pitchfork


The band formed in 2005 and hasn’t released anything new since 2015, until August 25, 2017 when a new album A Deeper Understanding was released  under Atlantic Records. The War on Drugs unmistakable sound is thanks to Adam Granduciel’s vocals which can be heard in the single Holding On.

Rolling Stone’s Will Hermes wrote: “Steadily widening the canvas since co-founder Kurt Vile’s departure, leader Adam Granduciel achieves full-on sonic rapture with his band’s latest LP, an abstract-expressionist mural of synth-pop and heartland rock colored by bruised optimism and some of his most generous, incandescent guitar ever.”

This release is the band’s second since Kurt Vile left the group to focus on a successful solo career. The group has since steadily established itself as one of rock’s biggest acts, winning a nomination in the 60th annual Grammy Awards which will air on January 28, 2018. An article in the New Yorker recently wondered whether they’re the genre’s next “torchbearer” and on this first album for Atlantic, the synths get an extra twinkle, bass-led builds get another octave of rumble, and some songs have a dozen instruments on them where they once might have only had seven or eight. The sound is bigger and more dramatic and was recorded between studios in Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles.


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